Saturday, February 26, 2011

SharePoint 2010: Choice column not supported in lookup

One of the issue or we can say a bug that i found in new SharePoint 2010 version and it is confirmed from Microsoft team.

Issue is like this,

If you try to create a lookup column and select list from which you are setting lookup column, you will not get choice field columns in primary as well as secondary fields. For testing purpose take Task list and check the fields in dropdown as well as checkbox

Title (linked to item)
% Complete
Start Date
Due Date

You never get Priority and Status columns

On one of the Microsoft blog, i found a post where they say it is supporting but it's not true, Here below it is

Create list relationships by using lookup and unique columns

get confirmation from this post

Restrictions on additional columns available for addition with Lookup column?

Hope in upcoming hotfix this bug will be solved...!


  1. Is this still an issue or has it been patched?

  2. As above, do you know if this has been fixed? I'm not sure what date this article was written (perhaps adding a date to your articles would help improve their usefulness?)

  3. I think Microsoft puposely did this, take an example of Category & Product table relationship in Database to clarify it

    Id Name
    1 Books
    2 Phones

    Id Category-Id Name
    1 2 Nokia N3
    2 2 BlackBerry 8520

    In above case Product table having two entries with category Id 2 which is primary key and this key value never change. Moral of the story is relation between two table should be maintain with tightly coupled columns like human relations

  4. I generally get around this problem by creating a calculated field in the list that eqauls the choice field. You can then do a lookup on the calculated field. Clumsy, but it works.